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12 Jan

2021 is finally here and most of us could not be happier saying goodbye to 2020. What a crazy year we all have had. We are still dealing with a pandemic but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter with each passing day. COVID has changed our society and our lifestyle in so many ways, some of which will be lasting, but there are a few SUPERHUMANS who are walking the extra mile each day to ensure we have some sense of normalcy in our lives. So I decided to connect with these awesome professionals for my next few chats to highlight their stories and experiences. 

A dedicated and global group of such superhumans is made up by the teachers. Teachers all over the world are giving it all to their jobs to ensure our kids have a safe space to learn and grow, online and/or in-person. They have worked hard, adapted, and stretched their schedules to make sure the quality of care and learning remains intact. I have always had great respect for teachers and after I had a kid that respect has grown exponentially(Parents you know what I am talking about:)). My mother was a teacher and I saw it every day how tired she used to be after dealing with little kids all day. Being a mischievous kid myself I very well knew what she was dealing with:).

This is my first chat of 2021 and I talked to Ms. Marie, who is an amazing teacher, to learn more about her story.

Ms. Marie is a pre-school teacher and she lovingly calls this the best job she has had over the years. When asked in elementary school about what she wanted to be as a grown-up she said she wanted to be a teacher. And she is living that dream today. I admire the clarity of thought she had as a child and the unwavering passion she has today about being a teacher.

I have always been  proud of my mother for being an awesome and dedicated teacher and it was great to see how happy her job used to make her. But the conundrum was evident that this role is exhausting yet fulfilling. When I asked Ms. Marie if she also feels that the job is tiring and rewarding at the same time she instantly agreed. She shared one needs to bring a lot of energy to the role and highlighted the need to match that with the endless energy young kids can have. The daily dose of love, hugs, and giggles offered by toddlers is the best reward in her opinion. 

Ms. Marie is the youngest of four kids and learned a lot about inclusion as a kid while her two older siblings dealt with mental and physical health issues. She decided at an early age that she would work toward increasing awareness and understanding of inclusion and compassion. Being a teacher comes naturally to her since spending time with kids makes her happy and she gets to teach young kids to be compassionate and kind.

She beams with joy as she talks about her daughter, who is also one of the students in her class. She highlighted that leaving your stress, worries, and issues at the door is the most difficult and needed part of the job since children can sense energy very well, and as a teacher you want the kids to have positive and happy surroundings. Her daughter graduates to the next class this week and it seems both mommy and baby are looking forward to the new beginnings:). 

COVID has made teachers' lives difficult in many ways. Ms. Marie's workplace has implemented multiple safety measures to provide both teachers and kids a safe space for learning. The school has stayed open all this while with minimal COVID exposure due to these measures and precautions. It is admirable that all the teachers and staff members are following these new guidelines while taking care of day-to-day activities. 

It is great to see that she has a solid support system to navigate personal or professional challenges. As a single mom, she relies on the love and support of her parents who are her pillars of strength. She also has a very supportive team at work who are always there for her. 

I absolutely loved learning about Ms. Marie's story and it was heartening to discover the noble and kind reason behind her being a teacher. There cannot be enough gratitude for all that our teachers are doing for the kids but I still tried to thank her and her team. 

Here is our fun chat where we talk in detail about her life and experiences. 

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