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20 Dec

Good Detours is my passion project. I want to connect with these amazing individuals, who motivate me in their own unique way, and share their stories with everyone so that other people can imbibe something positive from these stories. It's 2020, and we all could use some positivity and motivation:).

The first person I decided to speak with is Praveshika Katiyar. Our paths crossed more than a decade ago and I am amazed by what she has accomplished since then and how beautifully she has evolved. 

Praveshika is a rider, a theatre artist, a snooker player, and a Rubik's cube solver. Her close friend calls her "innocently naughty" and she delightfully accepts that. She has an innocent persona but she is also a strong-willed multitalented girl who is very sure of her calling, passion, and need to grow. She recommends everyone to create their own path and commit 100% to their dream until it becomes a reality.

Praveshika has her tribe of close friends who support her passions and are her source of positivity. Growing up, her father was her biggest supporter in all path-breaking endeavors and he, undoubtedly, would have been her biggest fan today. Her mother, like most loving Indian mothers used to advise her to be more "traditional", but is absolutely proud of her daughter's achievements and will power today. I talked to Praveshika in detail about how happy her mother is about her journey and it brings a smile on her face.

Her favorite ride is GQ Ride, on which she rode along with 6 other female superbikers for 13 days and traveled 6000 Kilometers. She believes people, who become part of your journey(both knowingly and unknowingly), are the highlight of a ride. For her, the route and the bike are secondary in comparison to the people experience in a journey. 

Praveshika and her fellow riders also want to shine a light on the importance of girls having positive riding experiences in India. She encourages girls to plan their rides with precision and with the right group of people to have a great and safe riding experience. She also has a few solo rides planned for her future to "paths less taken" and I wish that she completes those successfully. Talking to Praveshika was an absolute joy and it was great to see how high one can fly with dedication, perseverance, and clarity of thought. 

Here is our candid chat where we talked about her experiences, supporters, and overall journey in detail.

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